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For most of your life, you’ve known that you weren’t made for other people’s rules.

—you got the MFA not the MBA. Or both when no one thought that was possible

—you married/dated/loved the man/woman you thought was right for you even though s/he didn’t check everyone else’s expectation boxes

—you’ve lived a handful of places in the world and sought out or created the career right for you, while everyone else couldn’t understand why you couldn’t just hunker down at “a real job”

—you’ve forged a path that you know has to be be uniquely yours

And still you find yourself tired.

And still you find yourself not quite getting where you want to go.

And still you find yourself beholden in small but asphyxiating ways.

Yes to the dinner you don’t really want to go to.

Yes to that thing your mother keeps nagging you about.

Yes to the friend who needs a shoulder more than you need that self-care that everyone keeps talking about.

Yes to too many damn things, frankly.

And then no to the dress that’s a little too sexy.

No to the conversation with your partner about the thing you really do want but think that you shouldn’t.

No to a million tiny little moments to connect with yourself that you’ve started to describe as indulgent.

So here’s the secret...

The key to the distance between who you are today and who you deep in your soul want to be…

—The woman with the kickass business.

—The woman with play dates for yourself AND your kids.

—The woman whose relationship has that certain spark that makes you look forward to the weekend.

—The woman whose heart is singing in the midst of your regular every day life AND on the vacations of your dreams.

That distance is not about you being smarter or better or fundamentally different in any way. It’s a million little ways that you become more you. It’s turning up your hell yeses and owning your no’s with grace. It’s connecting even MORE closely with your internal guidance system. It’s 300 little choices every day that drive from you being all of you rather than meeting expectations.

Welcome to The Unfinishing School.

Everything you want with all of the social conditioning, the playing small, the doubt, the other people’s expectations washed off.

It’s so you. Just even better.

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